Xerjoff’s online store is known and appreciated by all those who love luxury perfumes: it is, in fact, a refined brand, born in Italy to reach the whole world. Its products are inspired by ateliers and fashion shows, and they are created to give the right emphasis and to complete the look with a very strong impact..

From Italy to the rest of the world

The company takes maximum care of its orders, creating a strong bond with its customers: this is why Xerjoff contacted Elwood to integrate into the store a Product Configurator that could manage the Gift Boxes in a simple and interesting way.


Xerjoff relied on Elwood to:

  • Create a Gift Box Configurator
  • Rewrite the Prestashop plugin for the internal management of purchase flowso
  • Rewrite Prestashop plugin for courier management
  • Follow the IT infrastructure on AWS servers



Xerjoff’s ecommerce – updated and expanded with the possibility of customizing the boxes – has reached a growing number of users, attracting potential customers thanks to its high quality products and an effective communication.

The online store has achieved these goals:


+ 10 thousand Gift Boxes configured

+ 25% increase in annual visits