Highlight yourself

Your entry into the digital world is carefully processed by evaluating possibilities, channels and types of target: search engines, social networks, portals and remarketing not to lose a single lead!



We take care of all the aspects necessary to give visibility to your website. We study targeted keywords by structuring a flexible work plan based on customer response.

Insite Optimization

Building a website cannot be left to chance. Content, tags, descriptions, page loading speed and rich media files are just some of the ingredients that make your ecommerce a favorite among users.

Link building

We take advantage of our mediation to create a network of relevant links from external resources which are in line with your needs. We create a real synergy with all those realities that can help you grow on search engines, publishing customized content and enhancing specific areas of your website.



Each social network has its audience: we change style, images and words based on your communication channels. We address your followers without ever appearing artificial. We make your posts go viral, increasing the turnout on your channels

Social Ads

We design campaigns on facebook, instagram, youtube, linkedin and tik tok. We create the best graphics for impactful advertising, summarizing your ad in an image or short video. This allows users to immediately grasp your message, prompting them to get to know you better in just one click.

Social Management

We take care of managing targeted social communication for you by moderating groups, creating editorial plans, responding to the comments of your followers, keeping in mind the communication line that distinguishes you.



We track your users with careful profiling through landing pages, analytics, registration forms and email marketing. All you need to get to know your customers directly and create targeted campaigns based on their tastes.


Once we have found the contacts, we direct them to purchase through a journey made up of knowledge, information and preferences. We increase traffic, screen potential buyers and make them loyal.


We do not create targeted advertising but we make your content interesting by stimulating the curiosity of users. Your leads come naturally to your site without direct advertising campaigns.



We position your company on the most used search engine in the world, evaluating the performance of your site to create specific campaigns that aim for visibility!

Google Ads

We rely on the best keywords to create text ads that go straight to the wishes of your customers. We set up display campaigns, with and without retargeting, to show your products to an interested audience by evaluating the best parameters to let you reach new contacts. We monitor the results through periodic reports, perfecting the strategy step by step.

Google Analytics 4

Ga4 has already become the standard tool for analyzing the online performance of websites, ecommerce and apps and will become mandatory starting from July 2023. The old Universal Analytics was based on visits and users, while the new Ga4 version allows you to directly evaluate actions made by users. This allows you to better understand the trend of usability and purchases on ecommerce. Elwood helps companies to make this transition in a natural way, making the most of all the functions of the new GA4 analytics in a simple way.