Tortalla isolanti

Tortalla Isolanti has been involved in the sale of building materials for over 50 years: it is a very successful Piedmontese company, which has established itself over time thanks to its profound technical competence and thanks to the availability of warehouses and catalogs that are always well stocked.

A break with the past

The company has evolved over the years, expanding its offering with insulation and coats, waterproofing products and installations: for a long time, however, it has entrusted its online presence to a simple showcase site..


Tortalla Isolanti si è affidato a Elwood per:

  • Create an ecommerce with a Prestashop platform
  • Take care of SEO strategies to better the brand’s visibility
  • Launch advertising campaigns on Facebook
  • Manage the technological infrastructure of the server
  • Learn every secret of online store management with specific training



Tortalla Isolanti has reached an ever-increasing number of professionals in the sector with its new store, providing specific products and tailor-made quotes.

The brand has consolidated its success, opening a new, truly effective commercial and communication channel.

In particular, this ecommerce has:

200 keywords positioned on the first page of Google results
more than 50 thousand new users from organic search