Torino FC Store

The Torino FC Store ecommerce represents the reference point for all Torino F.C. supporters.
The site – renewed, simple to use, fun and full of content – involves users thanks to an updated and immediate interface, which allows fans to feel even closer to the team!

A “Serie A”

Characterized by colors, graphics and sections which are tailored to best meet the needs of a sport and commercial team, the store strengthens the bond with its user-fans, also thanks to the integration of personalized services and the use of periodic newsletters.


Torino FC Store relied on us to:

  • Create its e-commerce with a customized Prestashop platform
  • Personalize the VIP Cards and the clothing items in the catalogue
  • Renew their digital purchasing system
  • Manage the technological infrastructure of the server



Torino FC Store’s completely renovated online store has undergone constant annual growth, with a progressive increase in accesses to the site. Sales have increased, as has the display of resources made available by the shop.

Torino FC Store has permanently entered the hearts of Torino Football Club fans, also assuming the role of example for anyone who wants to approach the online sporting goods store sector, offering a platform that is easy to use, update and manage.


In particular, the e-commerce scored:


+ 30% constant growth in accesses compared to the previous years

+ 1 milion page views in one year